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Born in Mantova, as a result of the passion of Luca Dondi, Davide Pezzetti and Daniele Raimondi.

The goal of our communications Agency is to offer the best services to its customers, functional fro their needs of communication: from websites design to the development of internet marketing strategies, up to the study of image campaigns aimed at paper graphic design. Essential feature of our work is the search for quality without compromises, even in the presence of limited budget.

Daniele Raimondi

Tehcnical director and Web Developer

From purely web-oriented design and planning (PHP, JS, CSS, (X) HTML) to systems management of our webserver, I program professionally and with passion since 10 years.

Luca Dondi

Artistic Director and Web Designer

I have acquired, over the years, more and more knowledge, experience and mastery of professional software of graphics processing aimed at website development and graphic design.

Davide Pezzetti

Sales Director and Project Manager

I have developed over the years a great experience in designing complex web solutions, made from analysis and comprehensive understanding of customer needs translating it all in web projects.


See beyond your own limits

We develop web projects for any type of mobile device.

graphic design

From logo design, to brochures and advertising

All contribute to the design process.


W3B di Dondi, Pezzetti e Raimondi s.n.c.
P.IVA e C.F. 02236430209

Via Canaletto 3, 46030 San Giorgio di Mantova (MN)
Via G. Chierighini 3, 37139 Verona (VR)

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0376 1850891 . 045 4858891

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0376 1850389 . 045 4850991

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